Warren Moor Mine

Warren Moor Mine is located in Leven Vale, about 1½ miles south-east of Kildale in the North York Moors.

It features England’s only fully intact Victorian ironstone mine chimney. A relic of a speculative enterprise that came to nothing.

By the middle of the 1800s, the search was on for ironstone deposits to feed the North East’s fast-growing iron industry. Entrepreneurs could make their fortunes if their gambles paid off.

Drift mines were cut into the hillside at Warren Moor in 1865. Although tests showed that the local iron content was low, work soon began on sinking two deep mine shafts and erecting a boiler house chimney. However, the company went bust in 1868. Although another company also tried its luck, the venture was finally abandoned in 1874 without the mine shafts ever being used.

Sinking the shafts was dirty and dangerous work

The 72-foot-high chimney was originally connected to a boiler house and flues, to help draw fresh air through the mines using convection currents created by the heat. Even in a remote location such as this, and on an industrial building, Victorian craftsmen took evident pride in their labour. The handsome stonework has withstood the elements for well over 150 years.

Warren Moor’s remoteness has preserved the site in a moment in time. From it, we can see how other mine sites may have developed, before they were affected by later changes in technology.

Warren Moor Mine towards the end of 1866

Based on the 1894 Ordnance Survey map, this illustrates the mine 20 years after its closure. The rail line shown is a spur line which joined the North Yorkshire and Cleveland Railway (now the Esk Valley Railway).

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  1. Hi Paul we’ve passed By on the Danby to Kildale road on many occasions. Is it possible to visit the Stack and if so what would be the best route from Kildale.
    Thanks John M.

  2. Hi Paul is it possible to visit the stack and if so best route from Kildale. Thanks

    1. Hi John,

      Many thanks for your comment. Hope you’re well.

      It’s easy to visit the Warren Moor Mine chimney stack. I walked, but you can get close to the site by car. I’ve posted a map below.

      Take the Commondale and Castleton road out of Kildale, then turn right to Little Kildale, which is basically a row of four terraced houses and a few outbuildings. The road is tarmacked but narrow. After Little Kildale go uphill through Little Kildale Wood. At the top of the hill the road becomes a stone track. Continue straight on towards Warren Farm. Just before the farm the grass verges are wide enough to park a vehicle. After that walk down the public bridleway on the right past a row of trees, then drop down into the Leven Vale valley.

      A sign says that the site is due to be open to the public in April 2020, but the work is unfinished – probably interrupted by the coronavirus outbreak. However, there’s a gated entrance to the site and I had no problems looking around. There’s an information board which is what I used to write my post.

      Kind regards,


      Warren Moor Mine
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