Braithwaite and Whinlatter Forest

North from Braithwaite along paths and tracks to Thornthwaite, followed by a south-west climb through Thornthwaite Forest to the Whinlatter Forest Park visitor centre. North through the forest to Lord’s Seat, initially following the ‘Seat How Summit Trail’ shown in green on signs near the visitor centre or on the leaflet from East to Barf then generally south, again on the forest trails, to Comb Beck. Finally back down to Thornthwaite alongside the beck and south via the minor road back to Braithwaite. A 10-mile walk in the Lake District.

The view north-east from Ullister Hill towards the Skiddaw range of mountains.

Looking south-west from Lord’s Seat towards some of the north-western fells including Grisedale Pike on the left.

Darling How Plantation in the valley to the west of Lord’s Seat, with Graystones just visible behind the trees. In the far distance is the English coastline, roughly between Workington and Whitehaven.

Looking down upon Bassenthwaite Lake from the northern slopes of Barf.

The southern extent of Bassenthwaite Lake and a few of the northern fells as seen from the summit of Barf. The smaller, tree-covered hill on the other side of the lake is Dodd. Behind Dodd are the peaks of Carl Side, Long Side and Ullock Pike. At the back are the summits of Little Man and Skiddaw.

The full list of Wainwright’s northern fells by height is as follows:

  1. Skiddaw, 931 metres (3054 feet)
  2. Blencathra, 868 metres (2848 feet)
  3. Skiddaw Little Man, 865 metres (2838 feet)
  4. Carl Side, 746 metres (2448 feet)
  5. Long Side, 734 metres (2408 feet)
  6. Lonscale Fell, 715 metres (2346 feet)
  7. Knott, 710 metres (2329 feet)
  8. Bowscale Fell, 702 metres (2303 feet)
  9. Great Calva, 690 metres (2264 feet)
  10. Ullock Pike, 690 metres (2264 feet)
  11. Bannerdale Crags, 683 metres (2241 feet)
  12. Bakestall, 673 metres (2208 feet)
  1. Carrock Fell, 663 metres (2175 feet)
  2. High Pike, 658 metres (2159 feet)
  3. Great Sca Fell, 651 metres (2136 feet)
  4. Mungrisdale Common, 633 metres (2077 feet)
  5. Brae Fell, 586 metres (1923 feet)
  6. Meal Fell, 550 metres (1804 feet)
  7. Great Cockup, 526 metres (1726 feet)
  8. Souther Fell, 522 metres (1713 feet)
  9. Dodd, 502 metres (1647 feet)
  10. Longlands Fell, 483 metres (1585 feet)
  11. Binsey, 447 metres (1467 feet)
  12. Latrigg, 367 metres (1204 feet)

The view back to Lord’s Seat from Barf.

The southern tip of Bassenthwaite Lake viewed from Birch Crag, just south of Barf.

The forest path leading to Thornthwaite.

Comb Beck near Thornthwaite.

The village of Thornthwaite.