Nidderdale walk – Masham and Ilton Moor

West out of Masham along the Ripon Rowel Walk to Fearby Low Moor, then south via Sole Beck to Ilton. South-west across Ilton Moor to Arnagill Moor, before heading north to the Roundhill Reservoir dam. Along the path on the southern side of Leighton Reservoir, followed by a visit to Druid’s Temple. Finally north-east by way of Knowle Lane to Fearby Low Moor, and back to Masham on the Ripon Rowel Walk. A 15-mile walk in Nidderdale.

T&R Theakston Ltd in Masham, a family brewing company founded in 1827.

Sole Beck Gill near Ilton.

Sole Beck.

Countryside near Ilton, south-west of Masham.

The track across Ilton Moor.

Boggy ground on Ilton Moor.

The path leading down to Roundhill Reservoir.

The view north-west towards Roundhill Reservoir.

The view of Roundhill Reservoir on the left and Leighton Reservoir on the right.

Roundhill Reservoir dam.

Roundhill Reservoir overflow which fills Leighton Reservoir.

The back of Roundhill Reservoir dam.

Leighton Reservoir.

The grassy bank of Leighton Reservoir dam.

The path across Leighton Reservoir dam.

Stone statues in Druid’s Plantation.

Druid’s Temple.