North York Moors walk – Glaisdale and Yew Grange

South-west along Glaisdale Rigg to Hart Leap, then down into the Glaisdale valley via Highdale Farm. Around the head of the valley on a minor road, passing Yew Grange, Mountain Ash Farm and Nab End. At Low Gill Beck Farm, it’s south into woodland then north-east to meet a minor road (Smith’s Lane) which crosses Egton Grange. Finally north to the Glaisdale village railway station, and west back to the starting point. A 10-mile walk in the North York Moors.

The track south-west across Glaisdale Rigg.

The view south-west from Glaisdale Rigg into the Glaisdale valley. Smoke can be seen drifting in from Glaisdale Moor as a result of managed heather burning.

Looking north-west into the Great Fryup Dale valley.

The Glaisdale valley, as seen from Mountain Ash Farm. Glaisdale Rigg, which I crossed earlier, runs along the horizon.

Beautiful Glaisdale farmland lit up by the midday winter sunshine.

The view north across Glaisdale. Several farms are located on Glaisdale Side, a minor road which runs through the valley.

A holly tree full of bright red berries.

Glaisdale (the village) can just be seen through all the Christmas trees.

Glaisdale’s Beggar’s Bridge, a ‘packhorse’ bridge designed with a low parapet to allow horses with fully laden panniers to cross without touching the sides.

Glaisdale railway station.