Walking in the United Kingdom

Over 170 walking routes in Northern England’s national parks, AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and other coastal and countryside locations. The walks are in some of the most picturesque regions of the United Kingdom such as the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, the North York Moors, the North Pennines and Nidderdale.

United Kingdom

Walking in the Howardian Hills

The Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) covers 79 square miles of the North Yorkshire countryside, and is nestled between the North York Moors National Park, the Yorkshire Wolds and the Vale of York.

Howardian Hills

Howardian Hills walking routes

Walking in the Lake District

The Lake District National Park is located entirely within the county of Cumbria, North-west England, and covers an area of over 900 square miles. It was established as a national park in 1951, and in 2017 was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lake District

Lake District walking routes

Walking in Nidderdale

Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in North Yorkshire borders the Yorkshire Dales National Park to the east and south and covers an area of 233 square miles. It comprises most of Nidderdale itself as well as small parts of Wharfedale, the Washburn Valley and Wensleydale.


Nidderdale walking routes

Walking in the North Pennines

The North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is one of the most remote and unspoilt places in England. It lies between the national parks of the Yorkshire Dales and Northumberland and at almost 770 square miles is the second largest AONB in the United Kingdom.

North Pennines

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North Pennines walking routes

Walking in the North York Moors

The North York Moors National Park is an upland region in North Yorkshire and covers an area of 554 square miles. It is clearly defined by the impressive cliffs of the North Sea coast to the east, the steep slopes of the Cleveland Hills to the west and north, and the Tabular Hills and the Vale of Pickering to the south.

North York Moors

North York Moors walking routes

Walking in Northern England

Northern England has been strongly influenced by the presence and movements of the Pleistocene ice sheets thousands of years ago, and a diverse and fascinating landscape has been created.

Northern England

Northern England walking routes

Walking along the Yorkshire Coast

The Yorkshire Coast is a beautiful and unique Northern England coastline over 100 miles in length. It stretches from the River Tees Mouth north of Middlesbrough to the Mouth Of The Humber south-east of Hull. From north to south it boasts a string of lovely seaside resorts such as Redcar, Saltburn, Whitby, Scarborough, Filey, Bridlington and Hornsey.

Yorkshire Coast

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Yorkshire Coast walking routes

Walking in the Yorkshire Dales

The majority of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, which covers 841 square miles, is in North Yorkshire, with a sizeable area in Cumbria and a small part in Lancashire. The national park status was designated in 1954 and the westward extension into Lancashire and Cumbria occurred in 2016.

Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales walking routes

Walking in the United Kingdom

Here are all the walks displayed in alphabetical order. Click or tap on a route name for more information. The table includes over 170 walks described in detail on this website plus many more written about in the reviews and articles section.

The approximate length of each walking route is shown in miles and kilometres, and its duration is calculated by allowing one hour for every 2½ miles forward plus additional time for the ups and downs. Other factors such as bad weather or boggy ground can further lengthen the time taken but this is not accounted for in the figures.

Also shown are the titles of the appropriate Ordnance Survey Explorer maps which you can purchase from Amazon for a very reasonable price.

Ambleside and Loughrigg Fell7.7 miles12.4 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL7
Appleby-in-Westmorland and High Cup Nick14.0 miles22.5 kilometres8 hoursOS Explorer OL19
Arncliffe and Malham Tarn12.1 miles19.5 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL2
Arnside Pier and Jenny Brown’s Point4.9 miles7.9 kilometres2½ hoursOS Explorer OL7
Attermire Scar and Stainforth Force8.0 miles12.9 kilometres4¼ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Aysgarth and Castle Bolton12.5 miles20.1 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Aysgarth and Stake Fell11.8 miles19.0 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Aysgarth Falls and Castle Bolton7.9 miles12.7 kilometres4 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Bainbridge and Semer Water8.8 miles14.2 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Bainbridge and Semer Water5.7 miles9.2 kilometres3 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Bainbridge and Wether Fell11.8 miles19.0 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Barnard Castle and Eggleston13.0 miles20.9 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer OL31
Birk Brow and Danby14.9 miles24.0 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Blakey Ridge and Rosedale Abbey14.4 miles23.2 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Bloworth Crossing and Ingleby Greenhow10.2 miles16.4 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Blubberhouses and Lindley Wood13.4 miles21.6 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer 297
Blubberhouses and Nidderdale Way14.9 miles24.0 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer 298
Bolton Abbey and Barden Fell12.4 miles20.0 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Bolton Abbey and Simon’s Seat8.9 miles14.3 kilometres4¾ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Boosbeck and Castleton18.2 miles29.3 kilometres9 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Bowes and Faggergill Moor13.0 miles20.9 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer OL31
Bowscale and High Pike11.1 miles17.9 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL5
Braithwaite and Causey Pike12.0 miles19.3 kilometres7½ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Braithwaite and Grisedale Pike12.2 miles19.6 kilometres8¼ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Braithwaite and Whinlatter Forest10.2 miles16.4 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL4
Bridestones and Hole of Horcum10.3 miles16.6 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Bridlington and Flamborough Head18.0 miles29.0 kilometres8½ hoursOS Explorer 301
Brothers Water and Hart Crag8.1 miles13.0 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer OL5
Buckden and Hubberholme7.0 miles11.3 kilometres3½ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Buckden and Yockenthwaite11.3 miles18.2 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Burniston and Broxa12.6 miles20.3 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL27
Burniston and Hayburn Wyke14.1 miles22.7 kilometres7¾ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Burniston and Ravenscar13.7 miles22.0 kilometres7¾ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Burnsall and Trollers Gill8.4 miles13.5 kilometres4¼ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Carlton and West Burton9.8 miles15.8 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Carperby and Aysgarth Falls13.2 miles21.2 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Castleton and Westerdale Moor13.2 miles21.2 kilometres6¾ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Chapel-le-Dale and Kingsdale13.1 miles21.1 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL2
Chop Gate and Wain Stones8.1 miles13.0 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Church Houses and Gillamoor10.2 miles16.4 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Church Houses and Rudland Rigg14.3 miles23.0 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Clapham and Ingleborough9.5 miles15.3 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Clay Bank and Chop Gate11.2 miles18.0 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Clough Head and Stybarrow Dodd12.0 miles19.3 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL5
Cloughton and Whisper Dales17.0 miles27.4 kilometres8¼ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Commondale and Danby9.7 miles15.6 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Commondale and Danby High Moor12.8 miles20.6 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Commondale and Westerdale Moor13.6 miles21.9 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Coneysthorpe and Kirkham Priory12.3 miles19.8 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer 300
Coneysthorpe and Slingsby Bank14.7 miles23.7 kilometres6¾ hoursOS Explorer 300
Crag Hill and Great Coum11.0 miles17.7 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Cropton and Northdale Rigg14.2 miles22.9 kilometres6¾ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Cropton and Wardle Rigg14.6 miles23.5 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL27
Dent Head and Great Wold11.0 miles17.7 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Dent Head Viaduct and Great Knoutberry Hill10.7 miles17.2 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Dentdale and Aye Gill Pike14.3 miles23.0 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Digley Reservoir and Holme11.4 miles18.3 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer 288
Dockray and Aira Force6.9 miles11.1 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL5
Dockray and Stybarrow Dodd10.0 miles16.1 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL5
Druid’s Temple and Masham Moor15.9 miles25.6 kilometres8¼ hoursOS Explorer 298
Egton Bridge and Darnholm11.3 miles18.2 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Ellingstring and Jervaulx Abbey13.5 miles21.7 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer 302
Embsay and Barden Moor10.4 miles16.7 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Eskdale and Scafell Pike11.2 miles18.0 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL6
Falling Foss and Littlebeck9.9 miles15.9 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Farndale and Low Mill11.0 miles17.7 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Filey and Scarborough10.9 miles17.5 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer 301
Flinter Gill and Dent Station6.5 miles10.5 kilometres3¼ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Garsdale and Baugh Fell13.0 miles20.9 kilometres7½ hoursOS Explorer OL19
Garsdale Station and East Baugh Fell11.6 miles18.7 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL19
Gauber and Ingleborough National Nature Reserve11.2 miles18.0 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Gilling West and Richmond9.7 miles15.6 kilometres4¾ hoursOS Explorer 304
Glaisdale and Egton High Moor13.5 miles21.7 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Glaisdale and Yew Grange9.8 miles15.8 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer OL27
Glasshouses and The Coldstones Cut12.3 miles19.8 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer 298
Glenridding and Helvellyn11.8 miles19.0 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer OL5
Gordale Scar and Malham Tarn9.2 miles14.8 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Grassington and Conistone Pie12.0 miles19.3 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL2
Grassington and Kilnsey Crag9.9 miles15.9 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer OL2
Grassington and Mossdale12.8 miles20.6 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Grinton and Fremington Edge10.8 miles17.4 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Grisedale Pike and Hobcarton Crag7.4 miles11.9 kilometres4¾ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Grosmont and Goathland8.9 miles14.3 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Grosmont and Mallyan Spout10.7 miles17.2 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Guisborough and Commondale15.3 miles24.6 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Guisborough and Kildale13.0 miles20.9 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Guisborough and Quarry Hill16.2 miles26.1 kilometres7¾ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Guisborough Woods and Highcliffe Nab10.8 miles17.4 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Gunnerside and Old Gang Smelting Mills8.9 miles14.3 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Gutherscale and Dale Head10.5 miles16.9 kilometres6¾ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Hackness and Whisper Dales8.8 miles14.2 kilometres4 hoursOS Explorer OL27
Hardraw and Cotterdale Common12.2 miles19.6 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer OL19
Hardraw and Great Shunner Fell11.2 miles18.0 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL19
Hartsop and Hayeswater8.7 miles14.0 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer OL5
Hawes and Bainbridge12.2 miles19.6 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Healaugh and Crackpot9.5 miles15.3 kilometres4¾ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Hebden and Barden Moor13.2 miles21.2 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Hebden and Trollers Gill14.1 miles22.7 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL2
Hellgill Force and Pendragon Castle9.5 miles15.3 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL19
Hellgill Force and Wild Boar Fell11.0 miles17.7 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL19
Helmsley and Riccal Dale9.9 miles15.9 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Helmsley and Sutton Bank17.6 miles28.3 kilometres8¾ hoursOS Explorer OL26
High Grantley and Dallowgill12.4 miles20.0 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer 298
High Pike and Carrock Fell10.4 miles16.7 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL5
Hindscarth and Maiden Moor10.4 miles16.7 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Hob Hole and Baysdale Abbey11.8 miles19.0 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Honister Slate Mine and Great Gable6.1 miles9.8 kilometres4¼ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Horton in Ribblesdale and Cam Fell14.7 miles23.7 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Hovingham and Gilling East12.5 miles20.1 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer 300
Hovingham and Sheriff Hutton17.6 miles28.3 kilometres8½ hoursOS Explorer 300
Hubberholme and Beckermonds11.5 miles18.5 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Hury Reservoir and Middleton-in-Teesdale14.5 miles23.3 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer OL31
Hutton Village and Baysdale13.9 miles22.4 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Hutton Village and Kildale15.0 miles24.1 kilometres7½ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Hutton-le-Hole and Rosedale Abbey12.0 miles19.3 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Ingleton and Park Fell14.7 miles23.7 kilometres8 hoursOS Explorer OL2
Ingleton and Whernside14.5 miles23.3 kilometres7¾ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Jervaulx Abbey and Middleham Castle5.5 miles8.9 kilometres2½ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Kentmere and Mardale Ill Bell12.6 miles20.3 kilometres7½ hoursOS Explorer OL7
Keswick and Derwent Water10.8 miles17.4 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Keswick and Walla Crag12.1 miles19.5 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Kettlewell and Buckden9.7 miles15.6 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Kettlewell and Buckden Pike11.9 miles19.2 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Kettlewell and Conistone6.2 miles10.0 kilometres3 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Kettlewell and Great Whernside12.7 miles20.4 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Kilburn and Cold Kirby15.4 miles24.8 kilometres8¼ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Kilburn White Horse and Sutton Bank12.1 miles19.5 kilometres6¾ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Kirkby Stephen and Smardalegill Viaduct13.7 miles22.0 kilometres6¾ hoursOS Explorer OL19
Kirkbymoorside and Gillamoor11.5 miles18.5 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Langcliffe and Austwick11.8 miles19.0 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL2
Langcliffe and Catrigg Force11.2 miles18.0 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Langthwaite and Reeth9.6 miles15.4 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Lealholm and Danby Beacon11.5 miles18.5 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Lealholm and Great Fryup Dale12.7 miles20.4 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Legburthwaite and Clough Head11.7 miles18.8 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL5
Legburthwaite and Helvellyn10.9 miles17.5 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL5
Leyburn and Castle Bolton11.7 miles18.8 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Leyburn and Melmerby14.2 miles22.9 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Leyburn Shawl and Preston-under-Scar9.7 miles15.6 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Litton and Pen-y-ghent13.7 miles22.0 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL2
Lockton and Cawthorne Banks11.6 miles18.7 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL27
Lockton and Dalby Forest11.1 miles17.9 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Lockton and Thornton-le-Dale15.2 miles24.5 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Lofthouse and Angram Reservoir16.7 miles26.9 kilometres8½ hoursOS Explorer 298
Lowna Bridge and High Mill10.9 miles17.5 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Malham and Attermire Scar13.8 miles22.2 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL2
Masham and Ilton13.6 miles21.9 kilometres6¾ hoursOS Explorer 298
Masham and Ilton Moor14.6 miles23.5 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer 298
Masham and Leighton Reservoir13.4 miles21.6 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer 298
Mellbreak and Crummock Water8.1 miles13.0 kilometres4¾ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Middleham and Jervaulx Abbey11.8 miles19.0 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer 302
Middlesmoor and Little Whernside15.4 miles24.8 kilometres8 hoursOS Explorer 298
Middleton-in-Teesdale and Bleabeck Force14.3 miles23.0 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL31
Middleton-in-Teesdale and High Force12.3 miles19.8 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL31
Milburn and Cross Fell14.8 miles23.8 kilometres8¼ hoursOS Explorer OL31
Muker and Crackpot Hall9.2 miles14.8 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Muker and Currack Force9.1 miles14.6 kilometres3¾ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Muker and Gunnerside Gill12.7 miles20.4 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Mungrisdale and Bannerdale Crags10.1 miles16.3 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer OL5
Murton Pike and High Cup Nick11.1 miles17.9 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL19
Newbiggin-on-Lune and Crosby Garrett10.1 miles16.3 kilometres5 hoursOS Explorer OL19
Newbiggin-on-Lune and The Calf14.8 miles23.8 kilometres7¾ hoursOS Explorer OL19
Newgate Bank and Helmsley15.0 miles24.1 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Newgate Bank and Rievaulx12.7 miles20.4 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Orton and Great Asby Scar11.9 miles19.2 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL19
Osmotherley and Kepwick14.1 miles22.7 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Osmotherley and Over Silton11.0 miles17.7 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Osmotherley and Snilesworth Moor12.5 miles20.1 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Pateley Bridge and Brimham Rocks10.9 miles17.5 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer 298
Pateley Bridge and Lofthouse15.1 miles24.3 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer 298
Patterdale and Fairfield8.8 miles14.2 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL5
Patterdale and Martindale12.1 miles19.5 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer OL5
Patterdale and Place Fell8.3 miles13.4 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL5
Pooley Bridge and Loadpot Hill14.1 miles22.7 kilometres7¾ hoursOS Explorer OL5
Portinscale and Carl Side11.1 miles17.9 kilometres6½ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Rannerdale and Grasmoor8.4 miles13.5 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Ravenscar and Cloughton11.9 miles19.2 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL27
Ravenscar and Robin Hood’s Bay4.1 miles6.6 kilometres2 hoursOS Explorer OL27
Ravenstonedale and Green Bell10.2 miles16.4 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL19
Reeth and Crackpot12.8 miles20.6 kilometres6¾ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Reeth and East Bolton Moor13.6 miles21.9 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL30
Reeth and Fremington Edge9.0 miles14.5 kilometres4¾ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Reeth and Langthwaite9.3 miles15.0 kilometres4¾ hoursOS Explorer OL30
Ribblehead Viaduct and Dentdale14.8 miles23.8 kilometres7¾ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Ribblehead Viaduct and Ingleborough Cave14.4 miles23.2 kilometres7¾ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Ribblehead Viaduct and Whernside10.0 miles16.1 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Richmond and Applegarth8.8 miles14.2 kilometres4¼ hoursOS Explorer 304
Rievaulx Moor and Helmsley14.3 miles23.0 kilometres6¾ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Ripon and Studley Park14.1 miles22.7 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer 298
Robin Hood’s Bay and Ravenscar8.7 miles14.0 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Robin Hood’s Bay and Ravenscar Beach10.0 miles16.1 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Robinson and Ard Crags8.0 miles12.9 kilometres5¼ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Rosedale Abbey and Hutton-le-Hole11.7 miles18.8 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Rye Dale and Old Byland15.0 miles24.1 kilometres8 hoursOS Explorer OL26
Saltergate and Langdale Forest15.6 miles25.1 kilometres7¼ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Saltergate and Levisham Moor12.5 miles20.1 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Saltergate and Stain Dale13.9 miles22.4 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL27
Sandsend and Hutton Mulgrave13.5 miles21.7 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL27
Sandsend and Whitby Abbey14.0 miles22.5 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL27
Scaleber Force and Catrigg Force5.3 miles8.5 kilometres2¾ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Seathwaite and Scafell Pike9.3 miles15.0 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer OL6
Seatoller and Green Gable7.4 miles11.9 kilometres4¾ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Sedbergh and The Calf11.8 miles19.0 kilometres6¾ hoursOS Explorer OL19
Settle and Stainforth Force8.9 miles14.3 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Shap Abbey and Swindale Common11.6 miles18.7 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL5
Sinnington and Cropton Forest11.4 miles18.3 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Skipton and Gargrave12.6 miles20.3 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Slapewath and Cattersty Sands15.3 miles24.6 kilometres8¼ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Sleights and Falling Foss9.7 miles15.6 kilometres4¾ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Staithes and Kettleness12.2 miles19.6 kilometres6¼ hoursOS Explorer OL27
Storiths and Simon’s Seat10.2 miles16.4 kilometres5½ hoursOS Explorer OL2
Storiths and Trollers Gill15.2 miles24.5 kilometres8 hoursOS Explorer OL2
Sutton Bank and Rievaulx Abbey6.4 miles10.3 kilometres2¾ hoursOS Explorer OL26
Thorpe and Appletreewick6.4 miles10.3 kilometres3 hoursOS Explorer OL2
Threlkeld and Blencathra11.8 miles19.0 kilometres7½ hoursOS Explorer OL5
Threlkeld and Castlerigg13.2 miles21.2 kilometres7 hoursOS Explorer OL4
Threlkeld and Hausewell Brow11.0 miles17.7 kilometres5¾ hoursOS Explorer OL5
Threlkeld and Lonscale Fell13.1 miles21.1 kilometres7½ hoursOS Explorer OL4
Thwaite and Tan Hill15.1 miles24.3 kilometres7¾ hoursOS Explorer OL30
West Burton and Aysgarth Falls9.6 miles15.4 kilometres4¾ hoursOS Explorer OL30
West Burton and Wasset Fell8.9 miles14.3 kilometres4½ hoursOS Explorer OL30
West Witton and Aysgarth Falls13.6 miles21.9 kilometres6¾ hoursOS Explorer OL30
West Witton and West Burton11.7 miles18.8 kilometres6 hoursOS Explorer OL30

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