North York Moors walk – Newgate Bank and Rievaulx

Out on to Rievaulx Moor and through woodland to Acre Grain Plantation. South to Helmsley via Collier Hag Wood and Beck Dale. From the town, it’s west on the Cleveland Way to Rievaulx Bridge, north to Rievaulx Abbey, and back to the car park through the woods on the east side of the River Rye. A 13-mile walk in the North York Moors.

Rievaulx Moor.

There’s a path through there!

The path through Acre Grain Plantation, Rievaulx Moor.

Acre Grain Plantation looking a bit on the scruffy side after recent tree felling.

The track through Collier Hag Wood, north-west of Helmsley.

Heading into Helmsley from Beck Dale.

Helmsley town centre.

Stone sculpture in Helmsley marking the start of the Cleveland Way, which is 109 miles long and finishes in Filey.

Griff Lodge on the route of the Cleveland Way, west of Helmsley.

Rievaulx Bridge over the River Rye.

Gardens near Rievaulx Bridge.

Rievaulx Abbey.

Thatched cottage in Rievaulx.

Church of St Mary, Rievaulx.

Rievaulx Methodist Church.

The view south over Rye Dale.

The uphill track through Newgate Plantation.