North York Moors walk – Sleights and Falling Foss

South from the car park at the top of Blue Bank to High Quebec Farm. Further south across Sleights Moor, then south-east into the woodland of Newton House Plantation. Across to John Bond’s Sheep House, before heading north alongside May Beck to the Falling Foss waterfall. Through more woods to Littlebeck, and finally west out of the valley and north back to the starting point. A 10-mile walk in the North York Moors.

A muddy and waterlogged track on Sneaton High Moor.

Lynn and Angy doing a bit of business on the North York Moors. Just what would we do without mobile phones?

Entering the abyss! Actually it’s Newton House Plantation.

A narrow and slightly overgrown path through the woodland of Newton House Plantation.

Heading down to John Bond’s Sheep House.

Lunch at John Bond’s Sheep House.

Having a rest at John Bond’s Sheep House.

Lynn and I having a rest at John Bond’s Sheep House. Lynn is trying to hide the fact that she’s having a fag.

Lynn and Angy having a rest at John Bond’s Sheep House.

Guess what! It’s John Bond’s Sheep House.

May Beck, which forms the Falling Foss waterfall further north.

Lovely hidden waterfall near May Beck car park.

May Beck flowing through woodland towards Falling Foss.

The 30-foot-high Falling Foss waterfall.

The one-mile woodland path between Littlebeck village and Falling Foss follows Wainwright’s Coast to Coast route.

A short walk from Falling Foss is a cave carved out of an enormous boulder. Known locally as ‘The Hermitage’, and dating from as far back as the 18th century, it was once the secluded home of a hermit. The woods provided food, fuel, shelter and building materials, but imagine the fortitude required to live such a reclusive life, deep in the woodland shadows.

An unusually shaped tree near Littlebeck village.

Littlebeck Methodist Chapel.

Littlebeck village.