Northern England walk – Leyburn and Melmerby

West from Leyburn via the Leyburn Shawl to Tullis Cote, then south past Bolton Hall, over the River Ure and across Middleham High Moor to Melmerby. East across country to Caldbergh and Coverham, then north-west through the Tupgill Park Estate (the location of The Forbidden Corner). Finally east to Middleham and north-west back to Leyburn. A 14-mile walk in Northern England.

Paula and Pip emerging from the woods on Leyburn Shawl. Some of the gaps in Yorkshire’s dry stone walls are very narrow.

Sheep grazing in fields west of Leyburn Shawl Plantation.

An abundance of cattle on farmland near Bolton Hall.

The River Ure at Lords Bridge.

Looking back towards Capplebank Plantation from Middleham High Moor.

Gallops on Middleham High Moor. Penhill is in the background.

Coverham Bridge.

The River Cover flowing under Coverham Bridge.

Beautiful countryside near Coverham.

Holy Trinity Church, Coverham.

The view towards Coverham Abbey.

Tupgill Park.