West from the Druid’s Temple car park to the north-east corner of Leighton Reservoir, then south-west along its southern banks to Roundhill Reservoir. Across the bridge at Round Hill, then on to Low Ash Head before heading north then west to Pot Moor High Road. Further west across Pott Moor to join the footpath on Dale Edge, then north-west to Little Haw. East following the course of Steel House Gill and the River Burn to Gollinglith Foot, then south through the woodlands of Ox Close Plantation. Finally south-east over the dam at Leighton Reservoir and back to the car park via Druid’s Plantation. A 16-mile walk in Nidderdale.

Recommended Ordnance Survey Map

The best map to use on this walk is the Ordnance Survey map of Nidderdale, reference OS Explorer 298, scale 1:25,000. It clearly displays footpaths, rights of way, open access land and vegetation on the ground, making it ideal for walking, running and hiking. The map can be purchased from Amazon in either a standard, paper version or a weatherproof, laminated version, as shown below.

The view of Leighton Reservoir from Druid’s Plantation.

Leighton Reservoir primary overflow area and weir. Water is drained from the northern end of the reservoir dam and forms Pott Beck which flows into the River Burn.

A secondary drainage system at the southern end of the reservoir dam.

Leighton Reservoir.

Roundhill Reservoir dam.

Roundhill Reservoir.

Footbridge across Roundhill Reservoir at Round Hill.

Old farm buildings on Round Hill.

The path across Pott Moor.

The footpath across Dale Edge.

The views from Dale Edge over Nidderdale towards Scar House Reservoir.

Scar House Reservoir and dam, with Little Whernside and Whernside in the background.

Steel House Gill.

Shooting house at the end of Throny Grane Gill.

Coal Road (Track) on the way to Gollinglith Foot.

Looking north over Colsterdale.

Farmland just south of Gollinglith Foot.

Overflow from the northern end of Leighton Reservoir dam.